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“I have gained so much confidence in all the aspects of my life that I was struggling with before”

Before working with Erica, I was feeling lost in the majority of my life. I didn’t have a clear direction of where I wanted to go, and I didn’t believe I could even get to that place if I wanted. I was struggling with low self-esteem, negative body image and an overall unworthiness. I convinced myself that feeling low, walking through life unhappy and unfulfilled was okay, and that’s all I would ever feel.

I had tried to change by myself, but never with a clear direction or plan to work through what had intitally trapped me in this mindset. I was aways using force. Force to go and pretend to be happy at a job I hated, forced my self to do workouts to be skinnier not healthier, forced myself to stay quiet when I wanted to yell…because in my mind my problems weren’t ‘big’ enough, and that I should have no reason to be unhappy. Needless to say these tactics failed over and over again, to a point where I was just excepting it, and moving through daily notions with no intentions.

Then came my silver lining. Something that brought back a spark inside me. Here was this confident woman fully embracing herself dancing around, radiating brightness, and I thought why can’t that be me?

My initial concerns before working with Erica were fears of myself not being able to open up and stay closed off even after committing to the coaching. That fear was quickly shot down when I found myself digging deep into my emotions and sharing my life in more detail than I had ever imagined. Erica has one of the warmest, giving souls that I’ve encounted. And if you have a fear of opening up you don’t need to worry. She listened to me with kindness, emapthy and without judgment. She asks the hard questions that make you dig deep and feel uncomfortable at times, but its all to reach the you that has been fighting to shine.

After working with Erica, I can say I have gained so much confidence in all the aspects of my life that I was struggling with before. I now work with my sister in our business and a non profit that is only opening more opportunities for me. I include movement in my day almost everyday because I’ve replaced my negative self talk with positve affirmations, and I did the work to love my body in all of it’s phases. I no longer feel silenced in my life. I stood up for the life I wanted. If you want to do the deep work that goes into finding your true self, you will not be dissappointed.


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-Anne Jarrett

-Shelbi Drake

-Laura Schnek

“It Made me More Confident”

Working with Erica this last year has been such a blessing and I’m beyond grateful our paths crossed. Before joining Fearless & Flourish, I was enrolled at IIN to get my holistic health coach certification but I had no idea which direction I wanted to go with my business or how to even get started. When we had our discovery call, it was an immediate connection and she told me that she also graduated from IIN. It made me feel more confident hiring a coach who had been in my shoes and understood how to guide me through this process. Her background in holistic health was also super helpful when I made the decision to get off birth control. She provided me with tons of information on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to support this transition. Throughout the program, Erica gave me the tools I needed to reframe my relationship with my emotions such as guilt, shame, and fear. She helped bring awareness to my masculine and feminine energies and provided ways to find a good balance between the two. She created a safe space for myself and several other women to share the most vulnerable parts of our lives. The women within the program all formed a social bond with each other because of the deep level of vulnerability within the container and I still keep in contact with many of these women. She guided me through the beginning steps of starting my business and launching my first coaching program. And what I have shared is just the tip of the iceberg. This truly is a holistic program that goes DEEP into so many different topics. Erica always made me feel safe and completely seen. She still inspires me to this day and I’m grateful to have her as a mentor and friend.”
-Kristyn Head

“Erica is incredible!”

“This year, I did something different with my passion for fitness! For 5 years, I have competed in the bikini division but decided that 2021 was the year I attempted the fitness division! A division I’ve always loved and looked up to! I didn’t know many athletes that have done the category so I was very nervous going into my first show! Getting my IFBB pro card was always a goal of mine. I met up with Erica 1 day out from my first fitness competition and she helped me visualize my end goal…getting that pro card.

What I really liked about the session was that she helped me envision every detail about how I would feel and picture the moment where I would become an IFBB pro. Little did I know…I would actually become a pro by the end of the season!! What gives me chills to this day…when I went pro this year, what I imagined during our session is EXACTLY what I felt when they called my name at that national show!

I felt very comfortable with Erica during our FaceTime! She was easy to talk to and I felt like I could share every detail with her without any judgment! I would HIGHLY recommend Erica to all of my friends who have something they are working towards and just need a new mindset shift! It changed my mindset (and life) 100%!”

-Lauren Bair

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-Autumn Simonds

-Dana Kelly

-Sarah Ruzichka

“My session with Erica helped me tap into areas where I didn’t know some self-limiting beliefs were holding me back.”

“If you’re looking to move past the obstacles that have been holding you back from realizing your goals and dreams, Erica can successfully help you do that!

I’ve known Erica since her middle school years when she and my daughter were best friends. Watching this little girl become the amazing coach and facilitator that she is has been a privilege. Because Erica experienced her own important transformational growth, she has such a heart and understanding for helping others get there too!

I am a psychotherapist and registered yoga teacher. My session with Erica helped me tap into areas where I didn’t know some self-limiting beliefs were holding me back.

Erica is highly trained and emotionally tuned in which makes her a gifted healer! I am recommending Erica and her “breakthrough” sessions to both my clients and friends!”

-Maria Newson

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-Elyse DeStout

-Jessy Hines

-Samantha Winters

“I started believing in myself more”

Before I started working with Erica I felt a little lost, not really knowing. what direction to go in. I was really unhappy in my job but too scared to leave, too scared to not have a security back up’. I was scared to invest myself and scared about the outcome and also about completely opening up to someone.

The time with Erica really changed my perception, I started believing in myself more and more and learned more about myself in that time than I ever had before. Through the program, I was able to build the courage and belief in myself to leave a job that was no longer fulfilling me in order to create space to find my soul’s path & purpose.

Erica has the biggest heart and loves what she does so much, she is so passionate about her clients and their success and healing. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and for the time and energy she continues to put into her Passion!

-Lisa-Christian Loock

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“Erica paves the way
for full blown liberation.”

My experience with Erica was the most eye-opening and freeing experience. She was attentive, nurturing and very passionate during my whole program! I found a deeper love for myself in not only the way I think but my actions following them. The program not only kept me accountable, consistent and happy but it continues to keep me on a path that I am very proud of. Erica’s guidance is something I will carry with me forever as I continue to learn and grow into the person she has helped me become.

Work with Erica

Step into your next level of


Over the past 5 years of this journey of trying to “find myself, learn confidence, and love the woman I was”, investing in my own healing was the most important thing to me.

I started this beautiful journey in the bodybuilding & fitness world as a competitor and, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist. After 2 years of training, my soul longed to bring my clients deeper into their own inner world. Focusing solely on the physical body just was no longer fulfilling. I began transitioning into the Health Coaching world as a Certified Health Coach with specialties in gut & hormone health helping women find love for themselves, confidence in their bodies and empowerment to work through compulsive eating patterns.

If you have been deeply longing to step into your next level of self-love, self-mastery, self-empowerment and business expansion… we are calling on you!

“I was able to find more flow and grace in life”

Before working with Erica, I was struggling with confidence, body image, and living at my fullest potential before I started working with Erica.

While I strongly believed in the power of manifestation and high-vibration living, I was at war with life instead of being in flow/feminine energy.

I have tried many things to address the issues in my life (strict dieting, exhausting workouts, tapping into masculine energy, etc.).

I was concerned that this would be similar to other programs that I started in the past that had stressful time commitments and rigid routines that led to frustration and

After working with Erica, I was able to find more flow and grace in life, tapping into more feminine energy. Things flow to me graciously now and I live in abundance thanks to the work that I have learned from Erica. Definitely do it!

But make sure to jump in wholeheartedly ready to do the work. It is a journey of a lifetime!

-Naysia Humphrey

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