Liberated Woman Experience

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Your sanctuary of transformation to fall back in love with yourself and your life so you become an energetic match to your deepest desires.




Break free from the boxes you’ve been trying to fit into, and connect with a community that supports your growth.

You know you weren’t born to live in mediocrity. You have desires and passion deep within, but you are getting stuck in the action.

Your body wants to release the limitations. You want to feel in control of your daily life. But the everyday boundaries are holding you back.

This is your space to rewrite your story. To be filled up with actionable inner work and activations. 

A community that holds you so lovingly, that you’ll never feel alone or confused in your journey again. Welcome in to the Liberated Woman Experience.

Ready to Break Free & Become an Energetic Match for Your Deepest Desires?

Join the monthly membership & receive:

A Hot Monthly Theme

Rotating between physical, emotional & spiritual healing – every aspect of your life will be taken care of.

Live Monthly Virtual Breathwork Ceremony

Your space to learn, release & create. This breathwork practice will transform your connection to your body.

Live Monthly Embodiment Activation

Connect with the community, embrace the energy & heal within.

Library of Embodiment Workshops & Recordings

Get immediate access to mediations, hypnotherapy, breathwork, morning/evening routine practices, and so much more!

This is for the Woman who…

  • knows she wants more from her life but keeps getting stuck trying to make her dream life, her reality.
  • wants to start doing the inner healing work but doesn't quite know where to start.
  • desires to get out of her own way so she can feel lit up by her life and home in her body.
  • yearns to live a life of safety and connection with a healthy and regulated nervous system.
  • wants to repattern her limiting beliefs and reprogram self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • wants to heal inner child wounds, relationship wounds, money wounds and anything inhibiting her from fully stepping into her power.
  • is desiring a transformative haven & sisterhood to heal, evolve and truly become liberated.
  • is ready to break free from societal narratives and boxes she's tried to fit into so she can finally live a liberated life.

A Poem About The Liberated Woman

An intimately liberated woman will change your life forever.
A liberated woman is free from all external noise. 
For she has freed herself from societal conditioning.
She has freed herself from caring about judgement from others. 
And most importantly she has unshackled herself from her own limiting narratives.

When you see a liberated woman, 
You can’t help but notice her radiating glow.
Her skin glistens with light at every glance you take.
Her beauty is bountiful & electrifying
And you can’t seem to peel your eyes away from her
Because it’s not just her physical beauty 
It’s the beauty of her liberation.

When you meet a liberated woman
You can’t explain but simply only understand how different she feels.
Her energy penetrates every cell in your body.
Her essence is warm, inviting and inspirational.
Your whole body quivers with motivation in her presence.

When you feel a liberated woman
You feel the depths of her love pulsing in her heart.
You feel the calmness & peace flowing in her body.
You feel the contentment settle at her feet.
You feel the aliveness in her expression.

When you become a liberated woman
You become intimately connected to all aspects of yourself.
There is no longer a single part of you that you turn your head away from.
You have created home in your body.
You understand the power of your voice.
You see your sparkle of uniqueness glisten back to you in the mirror.
You freely express your sensuality, creativity & love.

A liberated woman owns every aspect of her being.
She feels sexy, confident and alive in her body.
Her energy is magnetic and electric
She wakes up everyday embodied in her purpose 
Her voice is steady, bold and powerful
She lives a deep, rich and sensual life.
Her sexual expression is free & embodied

And one thing you will come to know about a liberated woman
She didn’t just arrive there. 
It was a journey through a revolutionary reclamation
She has dove deep into her depths and faced her darkness
She has made herself and her healing a priority

She was willing to do whatever it took to finally live a liberated life.
And she promised to never stopped until liberation was all she felt

A Liberated woman is a vulnerable woman,
An authentically expressed woman,
Whom has nothing to run from,
And a woman that has nothing to hide…
For she is an unstoppable woman

This journey is about more than healing; it’s about your rise to self empowerment & personal liberation

This is not just a healing container but a place where you evolve and become the embodied woman who stands strong in her personal power.

It is about being ready to dissolve the barriers that have hindered your expansion. Ready to shed the layers of self doubt and limitation.

It is about stepping into your fullest potential to become the woman you’ve always known you could be!

Breaking from free from constraints, limitations, and outside opinions. It’s the experience of breaking free from mental, emotional, and physical boundaries that have held you back from realizing your full potential and living a life aligned with your highest self.

She is bold. 

She is expressive.

She is alive.

She is deeply in love with her life. 

She is empowered in her authentic expression

She is worthy and enough.

She is capable.

She is magnetic.

She is liberated.

What’s waiting for you inside…

Liberated Woman Experience Includes:

  • NA Library of Pre-Recorded Embodiment Workshops - your place to do the inner work (Value $1997)
  • NA Monthly Theme with introduction video (Value $297)
  • N1 Live Group Training recorded & saved in portal (Value $497)
  • N1 Monthly Virtual Breathwork Experience (Value $30)
  • NEach first half of the month is focused on Heal Her - the second half of the month is focused on Become Her

Included Modalities:

  • NNervous System Regulation & Reprogramming
  • NEmotional Intimacy + EFT Tapping
  • NSafety in the Body
  • NInner Child Healing & Empowering
  • NHealing Mother & Father Wounds
  • NSensual Embodiment
  • NShadow work
  • NPolarity work - Masculine & Feminine Energy
  • NPARTS work
  • NTimeline Regression
  • NFeminine Alchemy Practices
  • NMeditation & Hypnotherapy
  • NDating/Relationships

Monthly Rotating Themes

  • NBody Love/Body Image
  • NHealth & Optimal Living
  • NInner Child
  • NSacred Sexuality
  • NDating and Relationships
  • NConnection to Higher Power - Spiritual Expansion
  • NBusiness/Career
  • NSelf Intimacy
  • NMoney Mindset/Relationship to Money
  • NDeepening Your Purpose
  • NPleasure

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Join the annual membership & get access to: 

  • NA Library of Pre-Recorded Embodiment Workshops - your place to do the inner work (Value $1997)
  • NA Monthly Theme with introduction video (Value $297)
  • N1 Live Group Training recorded & saved in portal (Value $497)
  • N1 Monthly Virtual Breathwork Experience (Value $30)
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Join the monthly membership & get access to:

  • NA Library of Pre-Recorded Embodiment Workshops - your place to do the inner work (Value $1997)
  • NA Monthly Theme with introduction video (Value $297)
  • N1 Live Group Training recorded & saved in portal (Value $497)
  • N1 Monthly Virtual Breathwork Experience (Value $30)
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“Erica paves the way
for full blown liberation.”

“Erica and Discovering Your Fearless came into my life at the literal perfect time. I had been an Emergency Room nurse for the past 4 years, traveling through the plandemic (lol) and just completely lost myself in the process. I felt like a black hole of a human being and didn’t even know where to begin to climb out of that. My relationships were just surface level and honestly they all felt irritating. I was angry all the time, sad and crying all the time. Just completely lost. I ended up losing my last ER contract because I was calling out from being so miserable. That was the moment I knew I needed to make a change. I had been keeping up with Erica on Instagram and just felt SO pulled to her and her work and finally reached out to her DMs and she got me on a call. I immediately felt the support and loving energy she had on that call and knew this was the next big step for me to get my life back on track. Since working with Erica, I feel like I’m finally coming HOME to me… I have never felt the safety and confidence in myself like this before. My relationships are flourishing, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and started new business endeavors, I got a new job (a promotion to Supervisor at that!!), I’ve learned to accept where I am in life and be HAPPY with the journey and all that is around me. I don’t hold onto resentment of past traumas, I find myself learning to communicate so much better these days with others, my emotions feel like they’re not as explosive as they used to be… I literally have goosebumps typing this and thinking about this journey. Erica created such an incredibly safe space for me and so many other women to come home to ourselves. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank her enough. Since then I’ve worked with Erica in her other programs like Awakened Womb, and will continue to work with this magical woman anytime I can!! This inner work with Erica is truly life changing!!”