The Fearless Femme


Welcome to your fearless elevation. Here you will find some of the ways to play in the magic of coaching and mentorship. To unlock freedom in your life, expression in your body and magnetism in your business.

Programs & Mastermind

Liberated Legacy Mastermind

Your Leadership & Business Mastermind for the woman that knows she came here on a mission… and won’t stop until she leaves her legacy. This is not your average leadership mastermind! This is for the woman that is hungry for change, eager to make an impact, and ready to get out of her own way. She has a deep desire to call back the parts of herself she has neglected in order to fall deeper into alignment with her purpose.  It is here you ignite and liberate leadership where your Whole Woman awakens within you & has space to be authentically expressed. The woman embodied in courage. Dripping with purpose. And eager to make an impact. This is not for those that want to just run a business  This is for the woman that is birthing & building a heart-centered movement that will elevate the entire planet. She is on a mission. She knows she wasn’t born to live in mediocrity. She came here to leave a legacy. Liberated Legacy is the mastermind to empower women who are expanding and elevating their purpose and are ready to fully step into their power without hesitation! Will you be joining us?

The Librated Woman Experience

The membership for the women that ready to elevate and reclaim ALL parts of herself. This membership is for the woman that knows there is deeper work to do and is ready to enhance ALL aspects of her life! This membership will help you improve everything from your health/wellness, your relationship to your body image, your money mindset, your business/career, your relationship with a higher power,  your intimacy with your sensuality/sexuality and SO MUCH MORE! This is for the woman that is aware of her blocks and is ready blast through self limiting beliefs, crippling narratives and outdated programming so she can feel deep clarity in her life, connection to her body & magnetism in her career!

High-Level 1-on-1

Amplify 1-On-1

Amplify 1-on-1 Mentorship & Coaching for the woman that holds a massive vision and is ready to go ALL IN on her self mastery and ready to share her purpose with the world!

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Work with Erica

Not Sure With Program Is Right For You?

Submit an application now. After you submit an application you will be redirected to a page to book a call with Erica. Erica will review your application and together you and Erica will devise which program is best for where you are at.

“Biggest breakthroughs are my money mindset, fear of success”

“I love the new mindset I’m learning & adapting I feel like I have come so far from when I first met Erica. & for the Fear of success, I don’t feel as scared as I use to be about success & running my own business because I’m already doing it lol! Also I just always love hearing from all of you & Erica!

I can always relate to whatever is being dropped in the chat even if I don’t comment on it, I try to listen to as much as possible (sometimes y’all pop off & I can’t keep up 😂) & am always learning! I have accomplished so much from both programs with Erica from starting my own business, getting my own clients, not being afraid to talk on my story lol, and surrendering to the flow in all aspects of life, letting in more feminine energy, and manifesting my dreams! I have now completed two programs with Erica and I have learned so much from both.

I waited two years before signing with Erica and I wish I would have done it sooner! Erica helped me get my business up and running, she has cracked me open and (politely pushed) me to my best self. Through group work, personal growth, shadow work, meditation, feedback, and just helping step out of my comfort zone to be my true self. She has truly changed my life.

I would not have done it without her help or guidance. She truly has a gift and I would recommend her to women wanting to grow and evolve. She has become someone I consider a dear friend.

On top of Erica, I also had the pleasure of experiencing Victoria’s coaching. Victoria is kind, friendly, and puts me at ease immediately! She also pushed me (politely lol) out of my comfort zone and helped me be propelled by fear instead of it holding me back. And one of my favorite parts of this coaching program has been getting to know all of the amazing women in the group. They have been an amazing support, inspiration, and have become friends I’ll keep in touch with.

Overall, my experience with Fearless and Flourish has been life changing in the best kind of way and I just cannot recommend it enough. I am so grateful I invested the money and took a leap of faith with someone I barely knew! Forever grateful for Erica, Victoria, and the group of women who went through the program with me!”

-Natalie Friedenbach