August 30th 2023

Breathwork Project

Breathing with the New Moon

The Breathwork Project is a 2 hour Breathwork journey for men and women who are ready to rediscover neglected parts of themselves and willing to venture deep into the most intimate spaces of themselves.

This is not breathwork that you experience during meditation nor yoga but an introspective and somatic practice of self-healing.








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What are the Breathwork Sessions?

We use the Sacred Breath Method – a conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness while also unwinding repressed & stagnant energy from the mind, body and spirit. We activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the sacred root of unresolved emotional imprints.

The journey of breath is a journey of self-intimacy, unconditional love, profound compassion and multifaceted awareness. Through the power and intelligence of the breath you are able to look towards the repressed or neglected parts of yourself that have been trying to call for your attention.

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality and is deeply life-changing work. By allowing your breath to take the lead you move through, heal and reclaim the truth and authenticity of who you came here to be. Through Breathwork you journey back home to wholeness & give yourself permission to live a liberated life that is true to you!

Breathwork is a powerful tool that may bring us into direct contact with parts of our being that are not being fully acknowledged or seen. It allows us to:

  • NCall home hidden aspects of your ego
  • NMove through heavy & dense emotions living in the body
  • NSee our shadows through a lens of compassion & acceptance
  • N Bring awareness to our emotional, energetic & spiritual blockages
  • NConfront our limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs
  • NCome home to the truth of who we came here to be
  • NReclaim Sovereignty
  • NLive a life of purpose & passion

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Total Price: $30


My third experience with Erica was such an eye opening moment for me.

She gave me the space to dive deep into my past and experience a moment with my late grandmother. This breathwork journey was a heavy one to say the least, but I walked out feeling lighter than ever. So many messages came to me in this session and Erica knew how to guide me through it. The music, the environment she cultivated, and her overall aura in the room made me feel so comfortable and safe to just presently experience everything the session brought me. I’ve never felt so called to make changes in my life as I did with this session. Even still a few days later I’m processing and unfolding more and more that was brought to me. I wouldn’t trade these experiences with her for the world, truly life changing.

– Sadie Schwarz

My final breathwork with Erica was a perfect way to round out my entire experience.

As I’ve said in my other two reviews, Erica is a wildly talented, grounded and encouraging live force. So as a guide, she checks all of the boxes.

Specifically, I’m so impressed by Erica’s ability to see what you need during the actual breathwork and cue you to hit new levels and experience new sensations to help you and your subconscious bring feelings, memories, visualizations etc to the surface. She helps you tap into that part of you that only occasionally comes out to play.
Thank you, Erica! 

– Molly Flynn

Erica is seriously a true light and has helped me find mine.

She makes me feel so so safe and so comfortable and loved. She makes it so much easier to dive in the depths of trauma and healing because she holds such a deep and special space for you.

Breathwork has been something that has helped me to see things and feel things I have never felt before. It has helped me to release tears, anger, fear, and has helped me find clarity in situations. It has helped me to see things that have directed me in a new direction or put thoughts in my head to lead me to a new path for my life.

I cannot recommend spending any amount of time with Erica enough but especially having her lead you through breathwork. She is the f**cking best and I love her so much! I’m a Erica lifer for sure! 

– Maddie Jensen