Body Boudoir

A 3 Week Immersion

Activate More Aliveness in Your Life through Cultivating More Home in Your Body

You have been taught your body is something you will forever be at battle with…

Society tells you that the challenges you are facing in life have nothing to do with your body….

That if you lose weight, work harder, achieve more….

THEN you will be happy.

But what if you could be happy now?

What if your body could become a teacher, a guide, a loving home for all of your creations?

What if feeling connected, confident and alive were all about how deep you are able to connect with your body?

Imagine this….

The sun begins to rise…

Glistening through your bedroom window…

You feel the warmth of excitement heat up your body.
As you throw back the covers, sit up, get out of bed, and greet the day by wrapping your arms around your divine feminine body.

You place your two feet on the ground,
And feel an immense amount of gratitude circulate through your blood.

As you walk to the bathroom to wash your face…
You smile at the woman staring back at you.

For you recognize how gentle but deeply powerful she is.
You recognize how soft but magnetic she is.
You recognize how messy but perfect she is.
You recognize how emotional but impactful she is.
You recognize how playful but sensual she is.

As you wipe your face dry,
you turn on your favorite slow song and begin to moisturize & massage your body.

But this time it feels different.

For it isn’t rushed or sloppy,
It is a slow, connected, sensual and celebratory massage.
One where you feel the deepest appreciation for your body as a vessel.

Moving your body to the beat of the music in ways you’ve never felt your body move before,
you slowly begin to remove your clothes as you get ready to change for the day.

Making your way to your full length mirror,
you stand in front of it. Present.

You feel your vulnerability.
You feel your self love.
You feel your confidence.
You feel your leadership.
You feel your magnetism.
You feel your truth.

And you hear an internal whisper, “The intimate relationship you have with yourself will deeply reflect what you attract into your life.”

And then… the narrative that has been weighing heavy on you for your entire life chimes in…
“I’m not smart enough.
I’m not worthy enough.
I’m not powerful enough.”

That body you’ve been battling your entire life.
Your beauty you’ve denied since you were a child.
That sexual shame that’s been keeping you muted.
Your wealth story that hasn’t changed.
That dream you’ve been wanting to build but haven’t.

The times you were told, “Don’t be too much.”
“Cover yourself up.”
“You’re going to wear that?”
“Be quiet.”
“Don’t speak about that in public.”

The Imposter syndrome…
The Saboteur…
The Inner critic…
The Protector of your heart…

Your fear of failure…
Fear of intimacy, success, and rejection…
Your fear of being judged.

Body Boudoir

It all now begins to fade like slowly moving clouds in the distance.
It begins to melt away, like snow facing its first glimpse of spring.

Because you finally feel a connection…

A connection to your body.

Connection to your power.

Overall connection rooted through a deep sense of self love.

Congratulations, Goddess!

You have made your way back to you.
Home to the powerful and sensual vessel that is your body.

And when you go to bed at night you hear a loving whisper…
Welcome Goddess, you have made it back home.

Why is this program life changing?

I am bringing this program back to my roots. Where it all started…. Back when I was deeply entrenched in the bodybuilding world. Where the disconnect to my body had me in a deep soul cry for more.. Where the disconnect to my body had me in a deep soul cry for more.

Sure, it seemed like I was likely more “connected to my body” than ever… At 5 percent body fat and a strict workout & nutrition regimen, it would look to the outside world like I knew my body well.

But the world was deeply misled! I was deeply unaware and more disconnected than ever.

There was a young girl within me crying for help. There was a 6 year old & a 20 year old that both, were trying to out smart her sexual shame & trauma. There was a young girl who was begging to finally be loved because she had been made fun of in her body her entire life!

It was just a control.

There is a difference between manipulating & controlling your body because you are operating from an unhealed trauma response, and a beautiful harmonious relationship where you are connected to your senses and intuitive body cues to guide you through life.

The first is really harsh and controlling.
The latter is very harmonious and loving.

And once you are working to come into a beautiful harmonious dance with your body…
You start to learn there is more to your body than simply the relationship you had with

Your body and the relationship you have to it…becomes the vessel from which all things flow.

Who is this for…

The woman who feels disconnected to her body because of experienced trauma

The woman experiencing anxiety because she is operating in her logical mind

The woman challenged with disordered eating patterns

The woman longing to connect to her sensual body & feel herself deeper

The woman fearing intimacy or having difficulty connecting to herself & others on a deeper level

The woman on the verge of burnout because she is operating solely in her masculine in her business

After this program…

Have a deeper connection to and love for your body

Understand the role your body plays in manifesting your desires

Love the sensual relationship you have built with your beautiful body vessel

Understand how to work with your body to move through anxiety and stuck emotions

Have more space in your body for pleasure and intimate connection with others

Leveraging your 5 senses and the energetics of your body will carry you to deeper self love & allow your manifestation magic to begin.

Get ready to find home in your body and feel the excitement in your expression.

Body Boudoir

3-week immersion with 2 Self-paced trainings per week

Total Value: $777

Your Price: $222

The way the magic unfolds:

This is a self-paced program where you will receive 1 Pre-Recorded Transmission (which is me sharing information about the topic of the week and us doing some journaling to create awareness in your body and your life) AND 1 Pre-Recorded Embodiment Ritual which will be an embodiment practice that will actually help you apply the transmission and move through the places you are stuck in your body!