of the body

Transformational somatic experiences & nervous system upgrades to help you live fully expressed in your potential. Your journey to fall deeper in love with your life and create more home in your body.


Intimately I Lead

Deepening Your Intimate Relationship with Yourself as a Leader. An intimacy journey back home to self love & connection to lead the life you know you desire

next level mastery

It’s not always easy to say yes to your next level of mastery.

Our clients understand that the next level YOU asks for a more authentically evolved…YOU! It requires deeper introspection, emotional intelligence and an intimately embodied you!

So right now, you are probably feeling like there is a portion of your power you have yet to unlock. Like you are housing gifts that are screaming to be shared, and there is more your soul is longing to feel & share with the world.

We get what it’s like to have an understanding that there is more while lacking the tools, direction or support to take your next step. I was once there myself, trying to find who I was without all of the programming I had inherited from society. If you are like me, I get it….

Next Level Mastery

Healing old Trauma & Moving through Personal Limitations

Through the power of subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, NLP, shadow work, hypnotherapy, somatic embodiment, and breathwork.


Activating the Art & Magic of the Feminine Embodied Leader

Through creating safety in the body, somatic processing to heal through sexual trauma, reclaiming your feminine magic & syncing with our feminine landscape.


Living into your Magnetically Aligned Purpose

We guide you to step into your highest soul’s path where you get to create a magnetic career that will allow you to live a life full of freedom and impact.

Live Coaching


Hello Goddess! Are you ready to step into your next level of personal or professional leadership by saying yes to The Fearless Femme Project?

Amplify 1-On-1

Amplify 1-on-1 Mentorship & Coaching” where we empower visionary women to unlock their full potential and unleash their purpose onto the world stage. This experience is made to guide women on a transformative path of self-discovery by tapping into the innate wisdom housed within their bodies. We firmly believe that the body holds everything you need to know to live your most fulfilled & purpose driven life! Through this mentorship program, I provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to understand and harness this language so you can step into your power, embrace your purpose, and create the life you’ve always envisioned


Where exploration meets liberation!

Liberated Woman Membership Experience

The membership for the women that ready to elevate and reclaim ALL parts of herself. This membership is for the woman that knows there is deeper work to do and is ready to enhance ALL aspects of her life! This is for the woman that is aware of her blocks and is ready blast through self limiting beliefs, crippling narratives and outdated programming so she can feel deep clarity in her life, connection to her body & magnetism in her career!

Your Next Level Is Calling…

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Erica Hepperle

Your Personal and Business Mastership  Coach

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone.
So five years ago, I started exploring every healing modality, spiritual workshop and personal development tool that I could sign up for! My hunger for healing and curiosity for change became the fuel the fed me through every next level.
And that’s where I realized I didn’t have to do it alone! I began investing in the most magical coaches, mentors and healers.

I dedicated myself to the inner work…to unlearn everything I had been taught and relearn who I was without all of the narratives I was told who to be, what to be and how to be.

And then… came my massive homecoming. Coming home to my truth in my body & being. A reality that I began to create on my own. I started to feel the power I held to help others create a life of freedom & pleasure. And what ignited within me was a call to a whole new paradigm of leadership.

Everyday I fall more and more in love with the woman I have become. And each day I fall more and more in love with leading & coaching.

So not only do I teach, guide, heal and expand the amazing woman I support. I also walk my own path of investing in my continuous growth because the greatest asset you have is YOU! And the best investment you will ever make is the one you make in yourself.

The woman that knows & understands the power of investing in herself & sharing her vision + impact with the world… becomes unstoppable!

Work with Erica

Step into your next level of


The past 7 years of this introspective journey… I spent trying to “find myself, build confidence, and love the woman I was”, investing in my own healing & evolution became the most important thing to me.
I started this beautiful journey in the bodybuilding & fitness world as a bodybuilding competitor and, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist. After 2 years of training, my soul longed to guide my clients deeper into their own inner world. Focusing solely on the physical body was no longer fulfilling. I began transitioning into the Health Coaching world as a Certified Health Coach with specialties in gut & hormone health helping women heal disordered eating patterns, unlock love for themselves, cultivate confidence in their bodies and find purpose in their lives.

I now have the gift of being able to guide women into deeper levels of leadership through deepen the intimate relationship they have with themselves!

If you have been deeply longing to step into your next level of self-love, self-mastery, self-empowerment and leadership expansion… we are calling on you!

“Erica paves the way for full blown liberation.”

My experience with Erica was the most eye-opening and freeing experience. She was attentive, nurturing and very passionate during my whole program! I found a deeper love for myself in not only the way I think but my actions following them.

The program not only kept me accountable, consistent and happy but it continues to keep me on a path that I am very proud of.

Erica’s guidance is something I will carry with me forever as I continue to learn and grow into the person she has helped me become.

-Jessica Doerner

“After years of hating the skin I was in, Erica taught me to love my body again.”

Her contagious smile and energy lit a fire within me and I looked forward to working out with her every single session.

Even the early morning ones, and trust me, that says a lot. She taught me that I was stronger than I thought and that I could push myself harder than I ever knew.

In the months I worked with Erica, I dropped pounds and body fat, gained muscle and self-esteem, and best-of-all, became friends with myself again.

Work with erica

Stop Playing Small. You’re ready to take up space, aren’t you?

To remember your own personal power, beauty and worth… you are called to invest big & dream big! The women I coach know there is more waiting to be unlocked within them and they’ll do whatever it takes to make their dream life… their REALITY.

There is nothing but magic inside all of our coaching containers & programs. Our past and present clients know we dive in! We share the deepest vulnerabilities that ignites freedom in our voices, we open into deep healing that dissolves all limitations & we learn to love all aspects of ourselves & our sisters.

We alchemize our pain into purpose, we ignite intimacy in our bodies, we speak on all the “taboo” magic that’s involved with being a woman and we allow our passion to make a change… ignite magnetism in our business.