Permission to Thrive


The Foundational Journey Back to Yourself

Below you will find three video trainings.
I recommend watching one each day for the next three days.

Set yourself up for the most success by creating a distraction-free space to consume the content and actively participate in the prompts.

This three-part training series has the power to completely transform your relationship with yourself, decrease stress/anxiety, and increase your ability to call in and actively receive the abundance your heart desires!

xo, erica

Part 1: Partnering with Your Nervous System

Part 2: A Journey with your NS Workshop

Part 3: Nurturing Your Nervous System

Nervous System Training


1. Name the area of your life that you want to work with:

    • Body Image
    • Health
    • Career/Mission
    • Money/Finances
    • A Specific Relationship

2. Name 5 emotions you feel within that area you
3. Name 5 reasons “I feel (emotion) because (insert reason)”
4. Choose the desired state you want to feel in that area (Ex. Safety, joy, peace, abundance, love… etc) 


    1. Connect with your 4 square breath, tongue on the roof of your mouth and a smile on your face 
    2. Start to work with naming the heaviest emotion “I feel (insert emotion)
        • Feel acceptance for the emotion/state
        • Accountability for the emotion/state
        • Uncoupling the emotion and your identity 

      3. Move the the next emotion that arises – Repeat steps 4 & 5 until in a state that feels manageable 
      4. Continue this process until you get to the desired state 


        1. Once close to the desired state… begin to evoke the feelings of that state by visualizing an experience something where you felt that state in the past, then something you feel will bring you to that state in the future and then bring yourself to feel that state now without it being connected to anything external

        2. Sit in the desired state and train it for 5-15 minutes a day 
        3. Watch your external reality shift