Liberated Legacy

Leadership Collective


The business sanctuary for multi-passionate creators, burnout business owners & gifted visionaries that are looking to scale their business a different way!

Your journey for the woman who is hungry for change, eager to make an impact, and ready to get out of her own way.

For the woman that:

  • has felt overwhelmed by niching herself into a box
  • has a deep desire to do things differently 
  • knows she is made for more and is ready to bring that “more” into the world
  • tired of going through the motions & is ready to feel lit up by her life again. 
  • is craving more pleasure in her life & yearning for more self connection as she makes her impact
  • is burnt out and is ready to build an impact from alignment and flow
  • has been creatively blocked in her business and is ready to feel her creative fire again

Introducing Liberated Legacy, where we’ve made it our mission to help you rediscover your mojo. It’s not just any leadership experience; it’s like finally hearing the God/universe’s grand plan, and you can finally see your North Star.

In this leadership collective, we’re here to teach you how to make a bigger ripple with your own unique stride.

In this leadership collective, we guide you on a path to making a profound impact in a way that resonates with your unique expression.

We understand your deep longing to reclaim the parts of yourself that have been overlooked in your quest for success, so you can realign with your true purpose.

Liberated Legacy is your backstage pass to the fierce, alive and embodied version of you. If you’re a go-getter, a dream-chaser, and a believer in your own mission, this is the place for you.

Except… this is NOT another mastermind that praises self-sacrifice. This is NOT a mastermind that is going to push you into more hustle.

Through the lens of both the majestic masculine & the embodied feminine — you will develop personal intimacy and reestablish your leadership identity!

This isn’t your ordinary leadership experience; it’s like a cosmic disco where your inner superstar is free to shine and your inner Queen has permission to dance to the beat of her own drum.

Liberated Legacy is your sanctuary for empowered & aligned action, where women like you, who are on a mission to expand and elevate their purpose, can fully embrace and own their innate power without hesitation.

Liberated Legacy is designed as your home to deepen into your true soul’s expression so you can make the impact that you came here to make.

Your legacy is waiting for you, and it’s not going to create itself, mama.

You weren’t meant for mediocrity. You came into this world to leave your own unique legacy.

Join us, and you’ll reignite your passion, reconnect to your body, and make a lasting impact that reflects your deepest gifts and extrodinary desires. 

This is calling on you!


What is waiting for you inside:

Join the collective & receive:

3 Calls Per Month

  • Leadership Strategy Call
  • Embodied Identity Workshop or Masterclass
  • Hot Seat Coaching & Q&A 

Community & Support

  • Telegram Collective Chat
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Resources to become a more powerful leader

Outside Wisdom

  • Surprise Guest Coaching Calls
  • Opportunity to share your gifts with the collective

The Liberated Legacy Leadership Collective Application

*I will reach out to you after you submit this application if I believe you are a match for this mastermind!

xo, Erica

“Working with Erica this last year has been such a blessing.”

Throughout the program, Erica gave me the tools I needed to reframe my relationship with my emotions such as guilt, shame, and fear. She helped bring awareness to my masculine and feminine energies and provided ways to find a good balance between the two. She created a safe space for myself and several other women to share the most vulnerable parts of our lives. 

The women within the program all formed a social bond with each other because of the deep level of vulnerability within the container and I still keep in contact with many of these women. She guided me through the beginning steps of starting my business and launching my first coaching program.

And what I have shared is just the tip of the iceberg. This truly is a holistic program that goes DEEP into so many different topics. Erica always made me feel safe and completely seen. She still inspires me to this day and I’m grateful to have her as a mentor and friend.


-Previous Student