Start Date: Jan. 17th, 2023

Intimacy Illuminatrix

A Reclamation of Your Sexual Liberation

Your 4 Week Journey to Reclaim Your Sexuality & Life Force Energy

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Intimacy Illuminatrix

A Reclamation of Your Sexuality

To come back home to the pleasure that pulses through your sexual expression 

Our journey back home to sacred feminine power, 
is a revolutionary reclamation.
A reclamation of our greatest pleasures 
and our life force energy…

Our Sacred Sexuality.

Through my own journey & the journey of those I guide my clients through…

I have witnessed so many women who are disconnected from their own intimacy & their own sexual expression… 

Their Life Force Energy.
And I don’t blame you sister!
There is the societal shame of being an intimately liberated woman.

There is hyper-focus on how we, as women, express ourselves, carry ourselves & adorn ourselves.

I won’t stand for how the stigmas and the associated shame of being a sexually expressed woman has caused you to feel in your body.
These narratives keep you disconnected.
You have been taught to hide your pleasure and your turn-on.

Religious & familial beliefs have been forced onto you to be adopted as your truth and acted out on your reality.

You’ve learned to stay quiet and bite your tongue as you hold in your deepest desires because of your fear of being judged, not accepted by your family and misunderstood by your peers.
Instead of creating a narrative where women are celebrated in their liberated expression,
we are recognized through our accomplishments, 
And made to feel our worthiness is connected to our achievements.

There is still that underlying “Work Hard = More Success” mindset. 

Many women are still suffocated by the “hustle”.
The focus continues to remain EXTERNAL.
Pulling you farther away from your personal intimacy & sacred sexuality.
Therefore, disconnecting you from your liberation.
But here we celebrate the Liberated woman!
The emotionally intelligent woman.

The sexually expressive woman!
For we empower a woman that vows to never again turn away from truth.
And instead lean in and embrace her fully expressed and liberated womanhood!
For the woman that has nothing to run from, is a liberated woman!

And the liberated woman is…
UNSTOPPABLE Italian Trulli Italian Trulli

Most women have NO idea how to connect to their personal intimacy.

Time and time again, I come across women…

  • Nwho has a hard time looking at herself in the mirror naked.
  • Nwho feels uncomfortable massaging her naked body.
  • Nwho doesn’t know or like what her vulva looks like.
  • Nwho never spends time getting to know & creating a loving relationship with her sexuality.
  • Nwho is only connected to her sexuality through experiencing pleasure with a partner.
  • Nwho is extremely disconnected from her sexual exploration in her body.
  • Nwho doesn’t have an empowering relationship with her sexual exploration.

If you are anything like me… the disconnect from my intimacy started eating at me. It started to become so loud that it was affecting every aspect of my life:

  • NMy ability to receive money… I was blocked from receiving in the bedroom.
  • NMy ability to speak my truth in life… I was blocked from asking for what I wanted from a partner .
  • NMy ability to enjoy life… I was blocked from exploring and playing in the bedroom.
  • NMy ability to take care of my body…. I didn’t spend time loving my naked body.

Sex, Sexuality & Sensuality are connected to everything we do in life.

If we are not deeply connected to our own intimacy and sexuality,
we won’t feel as empowered or confident in all many other aspects of our life.

This is where we get to change the narrative.

This is a call to unwind your sexual shame…
To soften into your feminine essence…
To rewrite your outdated sexual programming…

To understand your sexual energy is your life force energy.
This is where a freedom is unleashed,
and a deep trust is built within yourself.

You become confident in your voice.
You fall in love with your body.
And you then begin to witness your manifestations come to life.
MAGIC. But not without the healing work.

Why am I so passionate about this work?

It is Life Changing. I mean it. It has changed EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. of my life.

You probably already know the part where I was a 5-6 year old girl who found pleasure in her body. I was caught playing with myself – reprimanded and punished for being inappropriate. Rather than a discussion being had about what I was feeling and experiencing, I was told it was disgusting and it was not ladylike to play with myself. So at the young age of 6,I decided it was disgusting to experience pleasure. So I began sneaking around and exploring my pleasure with no idea what was happening in my body.

Fast forward to my college school years. Every weekend I would drink to the point of blacking out. Relying on alcohol as my liquid and external form of courage, and a narrative of shamelessness to avoid my patterns of sleeping around. Every weekend, I would go out with the intention of finding a hot man to go home with. Drunk out of my mind, I would sleep with someone, in hopes of reclaiming my sexuality. I believed the more I slept around, the more I would find comfort in my sexuality. But guess what? That only disconnected me even further from my sexuality, and made me feel like a total foreigner in my own body.

I would wake up a few times a week… in disgust.
Shame would fill my every cell and vessel.
And leave me numb, and crippled in bed for hours or days..
Shaming myself into never sleeping around again…

And then guess what?
I would just do it again! And with every meaningless sexual encounter, I suffered more and felt even more disconnected from myself.

After graduating college, I realized I was overcompensating, trying to create a reclamation in my body and trying to rediscover my sexuality through giving myself freely and openly to men.

But soon that created an even greater disconnect.

My body started to suffer.
I lost my cycle for 3 years.
I experienced extreme joint pain.
I was depressed, disconnected, and at times numb.
My creativity was non-existent,
and my ability to set boundaries and speak my truth was extremely difficult.
I had crazy people pleasing tendencies in the bedroom and in my life.

I found it gut wrenching to hold intimate conversations with people.
So bad, as I would get deeper in conversation, I would try to quickly excuse myself..

By that point, I was in a deep cry for a more fulfilling life.

I became celibate for 3 years in hopes that this would cure my disconnect from my sexuality.
But I just continued to suffer in silence. 

I decided I needed to explore this block,
even though I was scared shitless.

I figured… it was going to be more painful to just keep suffering here,
then it was going to be doing the difficult inner work to understand why I was doing the things I was doing.
I wanted to understand why I was blocked from myself, intimacy, and why I was overcompensating and running from my sexuality.

So I went down the path of Somatic Therapy & Sexological Bodywork.

That is when my entire life CHANGED!

During the 8-months of that healing journey.
I came to realize I had blocked off a lot of the traumatic sexual events that happened to me in college.

I was sexually assaulted twice when I was in college.

But I completely forgot about them.

Because I was made to think it was my fault
I was ASHAMED about what people thought about me.

I was EMBARRASSED about how I couldn’t control myself. And ultimately, I put myself in the wrong for giving myself so freely to men.

I used to joke about it as a mask for the deeper pain I was feeling. I put ALL the blame on myself when I would wake up in a strange man’s bed.

Calling myself names and going into deep, dark, depressed weeks.

You Don’t Have to Suffer In Silence

People knew me for how drunk I got and how I would often disappear with random men after a long night of drinking. It was my coping mechanism. Drinking was my security blanket for all I hated & didn’t know about myself. It was the way I numbed my pain around how deeply disconnected I was from myself.
It was the shame I was holding in my body for feeling disgusting about my sexual curiosity at such a young age.

Before going down the path of healing my intimate relationship with myself and reclaiming my relationship with my sexuality and pleasure, there were two nights that completely changed my relationship with sex and intimacy.

For YEARS I have made myself wrong…telling myself, “I deserved it.”

For YEARS I lived in silence and so much pain, feeling shame and embarrassment for what I “let me” do – to me.

And that is why this work is SO DAMN important to me, and so critical for me to share..

For years, I suffered in silence. Trying everything in my power to find peace, happiness and safety in my body.

Through coping mechanisms, through distracting myself, through trying to run from my reality.

For years, I tried to figure out who I was and why I felt so broken.

This work is SO DAMN important to me because I never want to see you suffer in silence.

You never have to be alone in your suffering. And your story, your journey, your trauma doesn’t have to cripple you for the rest of your life.

During this activation we will:

  • NUnravel your intimacy wounds and the shame you hold around them
  • NProvide tools to understand painful penetration
  • NConnect with your yoni (vulva) in a sacred & intimate way
  • NUtilize Pelvic Floor & Yoni Practices to move sexual trauma in your vaginal canal
  • NUnderstand your blocks with intimacy and in the bedroom
  • NMove through your “good girl” narrative in the bedroom
  • NLearn to activate your voice to ask for what you desire
  • NRewrite your personal narrative around sexuality
  • NHeal through intimacy coping mechanisms keeping you blocked from pleasure
  • NUnderstand energy points in the vaginal canal and their relation to blocks in your life
  • NLearn the chakra system of your sexuality (Yoni Gateways)
  • NTeach Sex Magick Practices to manifest more through your orgasm
  • NAnd more!

“To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.”

– Mouse

A homecoming.

A celebration.

A life of pleasure!

I want to help you CHANGE that narrative now because there is so much more life to be lived.

Please don’t suffer in silence because you think “it was your fault,” or because you have been shamed into believing you’re wrong for how you want to express yourself.

What you do DESERVE is to speak up, reach out and heal from the experiences that disconnect you from your pleasure

To finally feel free from your shame & guilt.

To feel liberated in your body.

To experience authentic love and appreciation for your beautiful body vessel.

And a deep reverence for the life you are living and creating!

A reclamation of your sexual expression!
To remember the power of your life force energy!

Your Pleasure Is Your Power:

The glistening and glowing of the morning sun penetrates into your bedroom window.

You feel the warmth of pleasure heat up your body.
As you throw back the covers,
You sit up, get out of bed and greet the day by wrapping your arms around your divine feminine body.

As you walk to the bathroom to wash your face,
you smile at the woman staring back at you.

For you recognize how gentle but deeply powerful she is
You recognize how soft but magnetic she is.
You recognize how messy, but perfect she is.
You recognize how emotional, but impactful she is.
You recognize how playful, but sensual she is.

As you wipe your face dry,
you turn on your favorite slow song and begin to moisturize & massage your sexual body.

But this time it feels different,
for it isn’t rushed or sloppy.
It is a slow, connected, sensual and celebratory massage.
One where you feel pleasure pulse through your body vessel.

Moving your body sexually liberated to the beat of the music in ways you’ve never felt your pleasure before,
you slowly begin to remove your clothes as you get ready to change for the day.

Making your way to your full length mirror,
you stand in front of the mirror naked and present.

You feel your vulnerability.
You feel your self-love.
You feel your confidence.
You feel your leadership.
You feel your magnetism.
You feel your truth.

And your pleasure begins to build.
Your yoni pulses to be met with play and penetration

So you sit down with your feet on the ground and knees to your chest.
You wrap your arms around your legs and give yourself a tight squeeze.
And celebrate all you have healed through.
You celebrate your strength to swim the deep waters of your emotions.
Where you unleashed your intimacy, sexuality and expression of your pleasure.

And you are called even deeper.
As you spread your legs open to the mirror, you catch a glimpse of your yoni.
Gazing into seeing her beauty and strength and pleasure.

Your divine source of your feminine power.
Tears start rolling down your face…

For the first time ever….
You feel connected to ALL of you!

Your mind is at ease.
You’re in love with your sexuality.
And your soul is nourished by your life force energy.

Congratulations…You have arrived.
To your divine intimate connection to yourself.
To your sacred sexuality

Where all things begin to flow from.

Where you are able to then attract a soulfully aligned partner.
Where you are feeling abundance explode in your business.
Where you are receiving miracle opportunities to share your gifts with the world.
Where your voice feels powerful and effective.
Where you are surrounded by the most empowering group of women.
Where you are making the impact you have always known you could make.

Because when you finally fully see yourself connect to your sacred sexuality.
You begin to feel your life force energy pulse through everything you do!
And guess what?
The world now gets to see your power.
When you finally feel yourself, the potency of your pleasure and your orgasmic life,
The world feels you more potently.

After This Immersive Experience You will:

  • NFeel safe in your body & in your sexual exploration
  • NFeel liberated in your sexual expression
  • NOpen and deeper connected to your sexuality
  • NHave a new relationship with intimacy
  • NFeel confident in your body
  • NHave a beautiful connection to your yoni/vulva
  • NHold a respect for yourself in all you do
  • NHold yourself to a higher standard of expression
  • NAttract high quality friendships and people
  • NAttract more abundance and wealth
  • NFeel more motivated and inspired to live in your purpose
  • NFeel turn-on in your body and in your life
  • NAnd more!

So you can learn to love EVERY bit of you.

This then moves you away from contingent happiness… “ I will be happy when…”
And into full blown Joyful Bliss.

The potency of personal intimacy WILL make you magnetic to your desires.

And that’s what I am here.
To teach you how to create a deep intimate connection with your body, your self-intimacy and your sacred sexuality, so that you become sooooo aligned to your desires that they start falling into your lap.

Where you develop this zesty, steamy and pleasurable connection to self.
Life starts to feel like a turn-on.
Which in turn creates magnetism to receive.

And orgasmic opportunities begin to feel like your normal.

And this is where life is no longer a battle.
This is where life gets juicy!

Through deeper connection to your sexuality and life force energy,
you elevate to higher levels of consciousness!

“I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it”

–Morpheus (The Matrix) …

Intimacy Illuminatrix

Your 4 Week Journey to Reclaim Your Sexuality & Life Force Energy

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Your Price: $777

Start Date: Jan. 17th, 2022

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