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“LOVE, I just wanted to let you know you still touch my heart daily.”

“I made some big moves, I finally cut the cord on the commercial lease/gym. I have been working on filtering down my client list to work with the aligned ones. I sat at a dinner last night with people I look up to and respect and I felt equal, I felt my true power and expression, I felt fucking alive!! To share my dreams and goals. Everything is a little out of my control right now and it isn’t terrifying it’s actually exciting and feels good.

I get lost sometimes trying to find my footing on coaching.. but the experience you gifted me, the magic you showed me was there… I know we have never met in person but you have legit held me through some of the hardest processing I think I might ever do. You showed me how to find strength in my messiness and changed my life. Like legit, helped me open up to my world. You helped me communicate with my husband and saved my marriage, you helped me deal with the passing of my mom. Erica, you really fuckin changed my life. thank you from the bottom of my heart. It continues to unfold daily. Thank you thank you thank you”

-Haley McCarty