Wealth & Harmony


A Mini Mastermind where the harmonious dance between feminine embodied leadership intersects with the majestic masculine structure.

the collective

Embodiment . Equilibrium . Expansion.

It’s NOT necessarily about “DOING” more… it’s about “BEING” more of who you came here to be.

It’s NOT about putting in more work. It’s about more embodiment of your feminine energetics & mastering your masculine structure.

The Mastermind for the woman who knows she has more magic to share, more impact to create and a deep desire to get out of her own way.

The woman who feels stuck in her life, misaligned in her business or has just stepped into a new embodiment of her leadership and is deeply desiring to create wealth through cultivating a deeper intimate relationship with both the masculine and feminine.

Break free from the “way you think things should be done” and really come into a deep understanding of how YOU get to run your life, your business and your relationships!

Wealth Collective

The Transformational Mastermind for the Dreamer, Leader & Coach…


READY to unlock her Magnetic Magic of Leadership.

The woman who has a deep desire to get out of her own way and step into her next level of leadership in her life & in her business!

The woman that is ready to unlock MORE of her gifts and bring life to her next level vision. To live through a lens of knowing “This is what I came here to share with the world.”

The woman that is deeply longing to date herself, know herself and love every aspect of her feminine landscape. It is here she gets to unlock her NEXT level of DEEP embodied leadership.

For when we lead from a deep knowing and embodiment of our gifts, the world reflects back our magnetism.

A healthy dance between a Fierce Feminine Flow & the Majestic Masculine Structure… creates a deeply passionate & impactful leader!


Is this you, love?

  • N Finding yourself ready to step into your next level of leadership but keep coming up against resistance
  • NShowing up…from a place of force & trying to create from a space of rules &/or comparison
  • NFeeling unaligned or stuck with your current coaching offer, your service or in your way of leadership
  • NDesiring deeper self love, self care & a more intimate connection with yourself
whats inside…


This 6 Week Mini Magnetic Mastermind Experience – is about learning the energetics of leadership and implementing a structure that feels aligned to your desired life. The formula to share your vision from an authentically embodied version of yourself. It’s to know yourself, your limitations, the power of your feminine landscape and the strength of a healthy masculine structure. This mini mastermind will support you in creating more space & more magnetism so you attract your soulmate clients with ease.

How the Magic Happens

6: Weekly Workshops

90 minute workshops & masterclass combination – Consisting of a lesson, an activation and an embodiment practice

3: Business Q&A's

This will include a mini business training backed by the foundation of feminine leadership in business + Hot Seat Business Coaching

Keep Sisterhood Community Chat

The home of connection, celebration, collaboration with a group of likeminded woman holding dope ass visions

Unlock the infinite wisdom of wealth that lies within you

  • $Week 1: Nervous System Currency Calibration
  • $Week 2: Inner Child Abundance Negotiation
  • $Week 3: The Sacred shadow & Turn on of Scarcity
  • $Week 4: Wild Womb Wealth
  • $Week 5: Majestic Masculine Money Magic
  • $Week 6: Unleashing Your Liberated Leadership

Imagine this…

  • NHaving an embodied belief in yourself, your vision, and a deep desire to give the gifts you came here to share
  • NWaking up every morning with excitement about what you do and massive clarity on how to bring life to your vision in an energizing manner
  • NLiving in a deep state of creative flow because you know your gifts & what you came here to share with the world
  • NBeginning each morning in deep devotion to pour into yourself & your body
  • NFeeling a deep connection to your intuition & a trust that abundance is always making its way to you

I am so excited for you to experience the MAGIC of Wealth & Harmony Collective!

To make more impact with less energy!

I know the shift is scary but I also know the expansion is empowering.

This was the work that expanded me out of $10k months and into $75k months in my business with less work & more ease.

Why? Because I fell deeper in love with myself and what I was here to share with the world.

I fell in love with Feminine Alchemy after forcefully trying to grow my business out of desperation.

I have designed a process that will shift the way you show up, love yourself, & share your vision.

Ultimately it will massively shift how your clients & potential clients receive you & your energy.

When you see yourself, your clients see you!

When you feel yourself more intimately your clients feel more of your leadership magic.

This work has CHANGED my Life!

It’s given me a whole new glow!

And I NOW know what freedom feels like and I want you to experience it too!

I can’t wait to meet you!


The Wealth & Harmony Collective

Total Value: $1111

Start Date: March 7th, 2023