Feb 9th and 10th


The Whole Woman

Where you finally give yourself permission to be bold & have it all

A Masterclass on having it all and being it all so you never have to sacrifice a part of yourself for your dream life again!

This is the era where we heal the parts of you that believe you are not capable of having and holding everything you desire.

This is your season where you get to step into the fullness of your expression and into the bigness of your vision.

Where you give yourself permission to take up space and hold all of your deepest desires!








In a world where we are conditioned to believe that we have to make sacrifices in one part of our life to get something else we desire…

This is the masterclass to help you shift into the mindset that you GET TO HAVE ALL of your deepest desires being the bold woman you are!

All of your bold expression
All of your 2023 vision.
All of the money & abundance.
All of the love.
All of the impact.
All of the sisterhood.
All of the relationships.
All of the intimacy.


There is a part of you that feels like you have to sacrifice some part of you in order to achieve your goals and dreams…

Feeling like you can’t be too much and get the respect as a leader.

Feeling like you have to sacrifice freedom in order to have success.

Feeling like you have to sacrifice love in order to run a business.

Feeling like you can’t have the money and also be a good person.


Feeling the fear of being seen stops you from stepping into your power.

Feeling the fear of success cripple you into inaction.

Feeling the fear of rejection stops you from making the sale & enrolling your soulmate client.

Feelings of shame around how scarcity blocks you from the wealth and abundance you desire.

This lens of outdated programming that you are seeing and living your life through is not your truth!

 It is simply a belief you inherited because you saw someone in your life sacrifice their dreams, visions, goals in order to get something else they desired!

In this masterclass we will work on integrating the pieces of you, you have denied or ran from in order to come back home to yourself so you can leave a powerful impact.

I see this all the time in sessions and programs with my clients. They get to the edge of their next level and then the fear, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging actions start to creep it.

“Who am I to teach this?” — hello imposter syndrome 

“I don’t want to talk about that because what will they think about me?” — hello fear of being seen

“I don’t think I know enough” — hello perfectionist 

“I don’t want to have to sacrifice my personal freedom to build my business” — hello fear of commitment 

“I fear my greatest potential because I’m afraid I will no longer fit in” — hello for of rejection 

“I am afraid that if I am wildly successful, I will lose the intimate love from my family” — hello fear of abandonment 

While this is NOT your truth… and simply childhood beliefs you have unconsciously  inherited…

It IS your responsibility to shift the way you think and how you move through these beliefs.

So you can get out of your own way 

And share your purpose & impact with the world! 

When you operate from a place of wholeness… 

You fall into deeper alignment with your purpose 

And you finally start to live a life where you can have this AND that!

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