Potency of Intimacy FREE Activation

Hosted by Erica Hepperle

When: June 14th

Time: 10am PST // 1pm EST for 2 hours

There is power in your story.

Are you feeling like you have hit a wall in your business?

Are you deeply desiring to make a more potent impact?

Are you feeling disconnected from your current service or offer?

Are you hitting a wall when it comes to sharing yourself online?

Are you feeling like you have more to share but not sure how to articulate it?

Your next level you holds a deeper level of embodiment.

Your next level you shares a little more vulnerably.

Your story…

Whether you are already owning your story…and wanting to create more magnetism through sharing your story

Or are wanting to heal an aspect of your story and then feel safe enough to share it…


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Ignite Your Story[telling]

Masterclass hosted by Erica Hepperle

Strength in Storytelling…

Is where your power lies

 Leading from your unapologetic story

Is where people start to feel more connected to you.

Your story is what makes you relatable.

And people want to be lead by people that they feel… GET THEM!

My clients enroll in my programs because they know… I just get them.

I have MORE than the education and the certifications.

But It’s actually my journey, my experience, my relatability that truly guide my clients to say YES!

And that is done through storytelling.

Feeling safe to tell my raw, honest and full story.

Moving through the wounds and emotions that are held so deeply in my story!

First comes the work.

Then comes the safety in sharing.

THIS is what I feel is the missing component to your greater impact.


One of the BIGGEST contributors to the growth of my impact!


Who is this for…

  • $Feeling unsure of her next steps or like she has hit a wall in business
  • $Feeling unaligned with her current offer or service
  • $Facing burnout after pouring her entire life into her career
  • $Desiring deeper levels of connection to her purpose
  • $Wanting to share more of her authentic voice but not sure how
  • $Understanding she has more to give in her current leadership role
  • $Desiring to unlock the vulnerable leadership archetype that she knows lives within

This is for you if you are:


  • $Ready to feel more of yourself in your role as a leader.
  • $Ready to see more of your power as you share your gifts with the world.
  • $Ready to come back home to self love, self care & self empowerment
  • $Ready to make a bigger impact with more authenticity and ease

This masterclass will unlock your personal codes to wealth through owning your story!


Learning the energetics of leadership through the developing an intimacy with your story!

After this masterclass you will better understand how to lead from your full feminine embodied power, why vulnerability sells & why self intimacy will make you a more effective leader!

In this step-by-step transmission you will leave feeling more confident in your voice as a leader through storytelling.

You will better understand your positioning as a leader, and you will be able to make your unique impact in this world!

Can’t wait to see you in the room


The Magic of this Masterclass Includes:

  • NDeprograming outdated narratives around imposter syndrome
  • NHealing the wounds of a repressed story
  • NReprogram visceral feelings of worthiness in wealth
  • NLearn Embodied Codes of a Transformational Leader
  • NUnlocking your Fearless Storytelling Voice through writing
  • NUnderstand Self Intimacy in Leadership

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