Awakened Womb

1 Week Immersion 

A One-Week Immersive Journey into the Sacred Womb Temple of Your Body

In a society where we are taught hustle means hard work, and that hard work means you are worthy of all you desire, I want you to know there is more.

Because that DID NOT WORK FOR ME! Here’s my story…

In 2018 I lost my menstrual cycle for 3 years after being 5% body fat when I was “on,”
and in a binging and purging cycle when I was “off”.

I spent just under 2 years trying to figure out why I didn’t have a cycle.

Meanwhile, I had diet pills, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, and more, all being thrown at me as the solution.

I knew I needed to get to the root cause

I was in and out seeing a range of traditional doctors who were offering me a band aid solution and a short term remedy to the escalating problem.

I knew I needed to get to the root cause of the issue in order to reach the solution. And heal.

But unfortunately, a deep disconnection and disrespect continued as a narrative in my body.
There was not one mention about what awakening to my womb would bring me, or even simply looking more inward and reconnecting to myself.
Not one suggestion of considering cycle syncing or communing with my feminine landscape as a possible solution. Oh, if I only knew then what I know now, sister…

This pattern continued until I found my acupuncturist & somatic sexologist…
And together we started embarking on the path through the womb and into communion with my feminine landscape in order to connect to my feminine essence.

After the long journey of being at battle with my “overweight” body…
Of feeling broken because I didn’t have a menstrual cycle…
And so deeply disconnected from my creativity, pleasure and feminine energy…

Guess what?

When I finally reconnected with my feminine energy, looking inward to the womb and feminine landscape,my cycle RETURNED and remained consistent.

My hormone levels also came back into balance.….And my libido!!!

I had a sexual appetite again! A miracle? Not at all.

What do I want for you?

To understand all of this and more, without enduring the challenging and unknown journey I experienced, that was both frustrating and costly. We all deserve access to this knowledge, and that has always been my leading WHY.

And this work will forever remain as LIFE CHANGING in my world. And that is my truth.

It’s the missing ingredient that has been left out and wreaking havoc on so many people.

It’s a zest for life I would have never known existed…I felt ALIVE AGAIN! And you can, too!

During this one-week immersive journey you will begin to:

  • NUnderstand your menstrual cycle dysregulation
  • NClear & heal gestational and birth trauma
  • NHeal mother wounds
  • NClear inherited generational trauma
  • NBuild a connection to your womb - the seed of your feminine intuition
  • NReignite your creativity
  • NRebuild self trust

This is a sacred place in your beautiful body temple

where the medicine of your bleed flows, and the magic of life births. 

She holds an ancient wisdom, 

And carries the imprints of your ancestors.

It’s the shedding of shame, guilt and sacred rage.

It becomes a celebration as your red potion continues to flow.


The womb is where the magic grows.

You learn to slow down, to listen to her voice of wisdom. 

And finally there’s a remembrance…and you’ll never again be alone. 

With every moon cycle, every sacred bleed, you shed layers of outdated programming once inherited. 

The deeper you dive into your relation with your sacred chamber, 

you feel your worthiness, your power, your beauty become known.


The womb is where your reclamation grows.

Your creative visions plant seed in the void,

and your gifts come to life through your ovulation season.

Abundance is felt as you commune with her magic,

and you remember the beauty of your feminine essence.

As you traverse through her depths, 

you feel a passion for your desires explode.


The womb is where your impact grows.

The womb is your seed of intuition,

it is a connection to your inner emotional landscape,

And a queendom inside your being.

The womb is your seed of creative energy.

It is where you birth your creations into the world.

A creator, designer, an impact-makers dreamland.

The womb is a holding of abundance,

where you live your life in overflow.

It’s a land of infinite possibility in your body.

The womb is your infinite home.

Why is this work so important?

The connection you have to your womb/pelvic bowl creates a healthy womb alignment which allows you to feel the level of energy you have been longing for. The vitality of your pelvic bowl/womb allows you to connect deeper to your sensuality and live a fulfilling life.

Through womb connection you are able to cultivate and reclaim a new level of safety in your body. Through doing so, you create a relationship of trust with your womb and hear her voice of guidance in a deeply empowering tone. It is here you hold the power to set boundaries and uphold them. It is here you are able to always be led and guided by the tone of the womb.

As for me, I know, honor and trust my womb so deeply that I always listen closely when she speaks. Because of her, I will never be in the wrong place at the wrong time. My womb guides me into deep alignment and always has my greatest interest at hand.

With this work, you will also be able to deepen into communion and connection with your womb, and therefore your body, to be able to experience healthy and balance, cyclical rhythms, a connection to your pleasure and play, a celebration of your power, a flow of your creativity, and a level of leadership you didn’t know was available to you!

Awakened Womb

After this immersion you will:

  • NFeel lighter & more in love with your body
  • NCultivate a deeper safety in your body
  • NHave a deeper connection and appreciation for your sacred bleed
  • NCome into communion with your feminine body
  • NOpening to a life of ever evolving ecstasy & self connection
  • NFeel more ignited life force energy
  • NTrust yourself and your decision making
  • NConnect back to your creativity
  • NAttract uplifting relationships
  • NConnect to your divine & sensual feminine energy
  • NConnect to the sacred cycles of life

The weight we carry may not be the weight that is of our earthly choices.

It is beyond that…
The heaviness you feel in your body is an inheritance.
And inheritance from the wrapping of wounds that came around your body,
when you made your way to the earth side.

The disconnect.
The dissociation.
The density.

While that is not your fault, it is your responsibility to come back into communion with your feminine essence to reclaim the magic that lives within you and your sacred feminine landscape.

It is here with the womb, we start your reclamation.
It is a journey back through your sacred womb & pelvic bowl.
It is there where you can remember the powerful woman you have always been!

Welcome Sister, to your next level of Embodiment
Where finally get to feel a confidence you never knew was possible.

Awakened Womb

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